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In this ever emerging tech world, no Business can afford to ignore the realities of growth and transformation which they undergo continuously. Prudent and sustainable strategies which enables the business to innovate and grow while minimizing costs and leveraging bright minds are just essential to survive the change. Business needs to be proactive and creative enough to responds to rapidly changing environment. By dedicating time to understand your business process and the issues and challenges you are facing, our expertise team can leverage local and global knowledge, to steer you through the challenges by adopting strategies, specifically tailored for you.


Our technical experts provide expertise information, needed before a system upgrade & update. Information including upgrade troubleshooting guides, latest news, technical information, schedule a meet the expert session, list of upgrade tools, feature KBAs (knowledge based Articles) and much more. In order to help you perform smoother SAP system upgrades, our experts leverages the SAP System UPGRADE & UPDATE Troubleshooting Guides, which we have utilized for many successful upgrades. This will guide you through the steps you must adopt in order to successfully sail through the process.

SAP Support

Keep your systems performing at its best. Get the best out of your new and existing SAP software implementations. With Techxcella SAP Support, we offer a range of support services, including change request management, solution augmentations, basis and security, solution augmentation code changes and more. Our experts can help with everything from SAP implementation and maintenance to system improvements with affordable price, on time service and superior quality.

greenfield implementation

Critical factors in the success of any project implementation are hardly technological but the people at work. Trust us, Work with the Experts! Whether it is ASAP, AGILE or ACTIVATE methodologies, benefit from the expertise of professionals who has lead many global Greenfield SAP implementations with fortune companies and government organizations, global banking in the most challenging and demanding environments. We pay special attention from requirement gathering and blue printing and provide solutions to bring clarity into organizational structure, business processes and function from the early stage of project. Our lean yet comprehensive way of implementation has gained high level of acceptance from various clients.


A shortage of skills is a source of aggravation to firms and, when acute, is likely to hamper the quality and quantity of their output. In a market economy, firms are  limited by their capabilities to board in and retain fine talents whom are acquainted with emerging technologies. The best option in front of such companies is to train  their loyal employees to meet the ever evolving changes. We can partner with you to identify the training needs for your organization in view of big bang changes. Our experts with robust industry experience and rich subject matter expertise can meet the training needs of your employees with hands on experience. We pride ourselves in providing various Software Testing related trainings. The testing courses we cater, covers projects based on Agile as well as traditional Waterfall methodologies. Courses include Manual as well as Automation testing approaches through Functional Testing, System Integration Testing, User Acceptance Testing and Automation scripting using Testing Tools (Quality Center, Load Runner, Selenium, HP UFT etc).